Crown PTH Pallet Jack

Crown PTH Pallet Jack

Crown offers the perfect addition to your operation with the manually operated PTH hand pallet jack. The PTH is the smart choice for pallet transport that pulls its own weight every day - for years to come. Because the PTH is Crown designed and manufactured, you can rely on its heavy-gauge steel design and solid construction to deliver long-lasting value that's always in step with your demands.

Model PTH 50 27-39 PTH 50 27-45

Specifically designed for New Zealand Pallets.

For use with longer Pallets for maximum stability.

Capacity 2300 kg 2300 kg
Outside fork spread 685 mm 685 mm
Inside fork spread 365 mm 365 mm
Truck weight 66kg 70kg
Headlength 360 mm 360 mm
Fork width 160 mm 160 mm
Lift height 200 mm 200 mm
Overall length 1350 mm 1510 mm
Fork length 990 mm 1150 mm

 If you are unsure of the best truck to suit your needs, please contact our team on 0800 802 002.

$ 643.00 NZD